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Chill out Toys (All for Paws)
Description   In warm weather, there is nothing more fun than playing with water. Besides...
£6.99 GBP £5.50 GBP
Lunker Toy (Ruffwear)
Description Ruffwear partners with PLUS foam™ Compound Technologies to produce Lunkers with a center core...
£22.95 GBP
Hydroplane Toy (Ruffwear)
Description Soft fabric disc for fetch in or around water and snow. Lightweight, pontoon-like construction...
£23.95 GBP
Pacific™ Toy (Ruffwear)
Description  For dogs whose love language is play, the Pacific Ring or Pacific Loop speaks...
£22.50 GBP
Turnup™ Rubber Throw Toy (Ruffwear)
Description NEW colours for 2022! Old colours Red and Yellow now available at 20% off!...
£15.95 GBP
Friendly Squid Toy (Goodchaps)
Description Discontinued product, Whilst Stocks Last  THE DOG TOY THAT’S CLEANING UP THE COASTThe Friendly...
£12.50 GBP £10.00 GBP
Gnawt-a-Stick (Ruffwear)
Description The Gnawt-a-Stick™ is a natural latex rubber toy inspired by Oregon coastal driftwood. Bounces...
£21.95 GBP
Gnawt-A-Cone (Ruffwear)
Description Central Oregon’s Ponderosa pine trees offer a bounty for pinecone-obsessed canines, as well as...
£16.95 GBP
Double Pulley Toy (Goodchaps)
Description Discontinued product, Whilst Stocks Last  TWICE THE PLAY TIME FUN A two-tailed, double looped...
£12.50 GBP £8.50 GBP
Sheepskin Chaser Tug (Tug-E-Nuff)
Description Get your dog’s undivided attention with our best-selling chaser toy, designed for unbeatable interactive...
£21.95 GBP