Zogoflex Toppl (West Paw)

Zogoflex Toppl (West Paw)

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Our best-selling customisable puzzle and treat toy is designed to be filled with a dog's favourite kibble or treats. Toppl's soft, rounded inner 'teeth' contain a contoured cavity to hold treats in place until your dog nudges them out. To change up the challenge, simply connect the small and large together to make Toppl even tougher.

Toppl™ is a dog’s treat-dispensing best friend. Load Toppl up with your dog’s favourite kibble or treats and enjoy hours of entertainment for both dogs (and human spectators!). Toppl’s resilient, rounded exterior provides bouncy, wobbly fun, while soft interior shapes hold kibble and treats until nudged and nuzzled out. Toppl is gentle on canine jaws, but tough enough to stand up to roughhouse, supervised play— and the dishwasher for quick clean-up. And, like all of our Zogoflex® dog toys, Toppl is guaranteed and 100% recyclable.

PRO PUP TIP: For puzzle-masters, or dogs who just need an extra outlet for excess energy, connect the small and large sizes (sold separately) of Toppl for an even more challenging puzzle.


Why dog's best friend® loves it:

Hides Treats Hides Treats Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe Floats Floats BPA Free, Latex Free & FDA Compliant BPA Free, Latex Free & FDA Compliant

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