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Feel Good Soft Baked Training Treats Chicken (Natures Diet)
Description Our soft, semi-moist baked treats are wholesome, healthy and super scrumptious. Hand baked and...
£3.95 GBP £2.95 GBP
Pork Crunchies 150g (Buddylicious)
Description Treat your dog to the delicious taste and crunch of our Pork Crunchies, made...
£4.95 GBP
Treat Pouch (Goodchaps)
Description A POUCH WITH HANDY CLIP A great way of storing your dog’s favourite treats....
£4.50 GBP
Braided Lamb Misfits (JR Pet Products)
Description This is different to JR's normal Braided Lamb, it is slightly softer and is...
£0.75 GBP
Dried Cod Skin Cubes 100g (Buddylicious)
Description Our Dried Cod Skin Strips are made from 100% natural cod, air-dried to preserve...
£4.95 GBP
Pure Chicken Pate 80g (JR Pet Products)
Description JR Premium Pure Chicken Paté is made with ONLY the best cuts of premium Chicken, No...
£2.95 GBP
Chicken Strips 5 pack (Buddylicious)
Description Indulge your pup with our delicious Chicken Strips, made from 100% natural chicken, air-dried...
£4.95 GBP
Pure Lamb Pate 200g (JR Pet Products)
Description JR Premium Pure Lamb Paté is made with ONLY the best cuts of premium Lamb, No...
£3.95 GBP
Cow Ears (JR Pet Products)
Description These Cow Ears are made from 100% Natural Cow Ears. Simply Air-dried with No...
£1.00 GBP
Ostrich Bone (JR Pet Products)
Description  Our ultimate 100% Ostrich Bone. Unique in composition, the outer shell peels away to uncover...
£14.95 GBP
Braided Lamb 30cm (JR Pet Products)
Description This Braided Lamb is made from 100% Air dried Lamb Skin and they have now been supersized! With more...
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Braided Ostrich Skin 3pk (JR Pet Products)
Description These Braided Ostrich Skin are made from 100% Ostrich Skin. Simply Air-dried with No additives, No Preservatives,...
£9.50 GBP