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We stock a wide selection of dog leads, which are perfect for dog walking whether you are heading to your local park or spending a day on a more adventurous trek.

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***NEW*** Trekking Rope Leash (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description The Non-stop dogwear Trekking rope leash is a dog leash with a secure screw...
£25.00 GBP
2 Dog Y Leash (V.I.P Dogwear)
Description Lead attachment for 2 dogs Strong and durable webbing and hardware Length: 56 cm Colour:...
£29.95 GBP
Just a Cinch™ Leash(Ruffwear)
Description The Just-a-Cinch is a rugged, climbing-inspired, utilitarian lead/collar combination. The end loop creates a...
£37.95 GBP
Leather Hand Loop (Hunter)
Description Soft genuine cow leather, black
£21.00 GBP
6ft Flat Dog Lead (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description This is a durable and attractive leash! This Standard Leash is six feet long,...
£13.50 GBP
ICON 55 Anti-Shock Leash (WAW)
Description ICON is the high quality leash with built-in WAW technology, which makes walking with...
£33.95 GBP
2 Dog Y Leash with Bungee (V.I.P Dogwear)
Description Lead attachment for 2 dogs with stretch webbing. Whether you're going for a walk,...
£34.95 GBP
Strong Leash 1m (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description Strong leash is available in a variety of lengths and therefore can be used...
£21.95 GBP
Rock Leash (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description  The Non-stop dogwear Rock leash is a rope leash with a handle. The leash...
£34.95 GBP