Dog Boot - Cordura

Dog Boot - Cordura

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For dog foot, pad and paw protection in gravel or abrasive running conditions. Made of 1000 denier coated Cordura®. All booties fasten with 1" Velcro® hook and 1" Velstretch® loop for a more snug but flexible fit.

Please note these boots are sold individually. 

X Small (approx 3”x 4.5”)
Small (approx 3.5" x 5")
Medium (approx 4" x 6")
Large (approx 4.5" x 7")

Available in Red, Teal, Purple or Black.

Dog booties are used by many mushers and dog runners to protect a dogs feet during activities which may wear on the dogs pads, such as canicross, dog scootering, bikejoring or sled dog racing.

The boots provide pad protection on rough or stony surfaces and additionally can help keep a dogs feet clean.

To ensure the right size of dog boot, please check our guide for measuring for dog boots.



Size of Boot

X Small 3" x 4.5"


3.5” x 5”


4” x 6”


4.5” x 7”


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