Nutrazinc Dog Supplement - Great for Dogs with Zinc Deficiency

Nutrazinc Dog Supplement - Great for Dogs with Zinc Deficiency

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Nutrazinc is a proven nutritional supplement for working dogs (sled dogs, hunting dogs, and herding dogs).

It helps to promote tougher feet and healthier coats. Its use reduces the occurrence of splits and cracks in dog's feet, as well as toenail breakage. Nutrazinc also helps to toughen dog's pads and speeds up the healing process when an occasional foot problem does occur.

Nutrazinc can be used as a supplement for show dogs, as it will keep their coats in top condition. Nutrazinc is extremely important for the proper function of a dog's immune system. It should be used as a treatment for almost any kind of skin disease. Its use speeds up post surgery hair growth.

Nutrazinc should also be fed as a dietary supplement to prevent zinc deficiency, a common condition in siberian huskies and most northern breeds.

Nutrazinc comes in a powder form and is one of the highest-grade zinc compounds available for this purpose. It is the most readily available form of zinc that can be used for dogs. It is highly soluble and quickly absorbed in the dog's gut. The average dog's minimum daily zinc requirement is 50mg. The percent zinc in Nutrazinc is approximately 14.6%. One teaspoon of Nutrazinc weighs about 4.5 g. Thus, one level teaspoon contains approximately 657 mg of zinc or enough zinc for about 13.1 dogs/day, based on a minimum daily requirement of 50 mg per day.

Tub size: 8oz or 16oz

Unfortunately due to some issues with the potting supplier the 16oz pots are currently unavailable. 

Scoop included in pot, we recommend making sure the lid is on tight and shaking the pot to get the scoop to rise to the top.

Administering Instructions:

Maintenance daily dose for a dog of an average weight of 50 lb is 1/13 of a teaspoon. For dogs in active training,dogs with chronic foot, skin or coat problems, and for competitive show dogs,it is recommended to use twice the amount of the maintenance dose of Nutrazinc (2 teaspoons for 13 dogs /day if the average weight of one dog is about 50 lb, or 1/8 of a teaspoon for 1 dog / day). For dogs with severe skin or coat problems, or acute zinc deficiency, the dose can even be tripled or quadrupled. Increased dosages can be given without fear of toxicity. It is not recommended to feed more then four times the required dose, as excessive zinc supplementation can result is copper deficiency. The best way to feed Nutrazinc is by putting it directly into the dog's food and mixing it in thoroughly just before feeding. It can also be fed by dissolving it in water, and dosing it into a dog's drinking water if a more precise dosage distribution is desired. For best results feed Nutrazinc year around.

Zinc Deficiency:

Conditioned deficiencies of zinc occur in growing puppies fed dry dogfoods that contain abundant fiber, phytin and calcium. This is the central component of the so-called “generic dogfood disease”. In contrast, the inherited defect in zinc absorption reported in northern breeds and Great Danes persists throughout life and requires the supplementation of a higher dose of zinc. Common signs of zinc deficiency in dogs are poor growth, lethargy, hyperkeratotic footpads, erythema between the toes, and exudative, crusted skin lesions around the mouth and eyes. Marginal zinc deficiency may also contribute to reproductive inefficiency. Optimal performance during gestation and lactation may require up to three-times the maintenance requirement for dietary zinc.

* Nutrazinc contains only one ingredient Zinc Gluconate, a human grade product included in the US GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list for Dietary Supplements resp. Nutrients (21 CFR part 182: 182.5988 resp. 182 8988). Pharmaceutical, Health Food, and Cosmetic industries use the same form of Zinc Gluconate that we use in our product.

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