Pet Flex: flexible cohesive bandage

Pet Flex: flexible cohesive bandage

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Petflex is a self adhering easy tear material wrap, which is ideal for securing dog booties or bandages with quick fast bindings.

5cm wide x 4m long single roll.

Product Properties:

- Controlled compression with nonslip support.
- 8 lbs. tensile strength.
- When applied properly, provides an excellent pressure bandage that won't cut off circulation.
- Excellent porosity in a lightweight comfortable bandage.
- Hand tear, no scissors required to ensure easy application.
- Adheres to itself, no clips or fasteners are needed. Does not stick to pet fur, hair or skin.
- Maintains original size and does not shrink in width.
- A durable bandage that can be reused.
- Sweat and water resistant.
- Removal is quick and easy, can be cut away with scissors without unwrapping.

Assorted colours chosen at random from a selection of Pink, Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Red, and Paw Print patterns.

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