Walking Package (Howling Dog)

Walking Package (Howling Dog)

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We've put together this package for a comfortable hands free walking kit by Howling Dog Alaska. Just add your favourite harness and your set. 

Kit includes the Howling Dog Alaska Trekking Belt, Lead with Bungee and a Pawtrekker Auto Lock Carabiner for easy setup. Details of these items below.

Colour selection relates to the lead colour, Belt only comes in Black and carabiner is Silver. 

Trekking Belt

This sturdy belt is a must for dog trekking (hiking) or walking your dog "hands-free". It can be used for comfortable jogging and novice skijoring.  A must for walking dogs, which are pulling!

The belt is made from a heavy-duty compressed water-resistant material and ensures good extended pulling power. It is recommended to fasten the belt slightly above the hips in order to limit pressure on stomach muscles. The upper back part of the belt offers equal support to the spine and back. No back pain while using our belt, guaranteed!

Trekking Belt features a small pocket for your valuables, bottle holder, and reflective tape.

The side loops on the belt are simply for clipping things on to (for example a neckline, a dog poop baggie holder, a set of keys or any other small object). Nothing heavy should be attached to those loops. Dogs should be attached to the metal ring only.

One size fits most.


Bungee Lead

This lead is made out of customized, eye-catching Howling Dog webbing. The lead is fitted with a bungee and it is an ideal lead for walking dogs which pull.

The built-in bungee will help to absorb shocks from your dog unexpectedly "jerking" you around. Your arm will definitely thank you for it!

The lead is made out of one-inch wide tubular webbing and it measures about 5 1/2 feet unstretched. It features a strong bronze snap.

Our Lead with Bungee makes an ideal Canicross (jogging) line. It is constructed in an identical way as our Joring Line, but it is shorter (often desired by runners).

It features a snap at one end  and other end of the lead can be held in hand or looped through the ring on a belt. Adding a carabiner between the lead and a belt is also an option. Some belts include a hook and this is an ideal lead/line to hook to such belt.

Colours: Red (with Black Pattern) or Yellow (with black pattern)

Please note the knots in this line are required to hold the bungee in place do not untie these as this will deem the product un useable.

Auto Lock Carabiner

Carabiners can be used for a wide variety of purposes in dog mushing and running activities.

They are also commonly used for attaching leads and lines to other equipment such as walking belts, backpacks and rigs.

A very versatile and handy piece of equipment.


Weight: 28g
Strength: 12KN
Gate opening: 13mm
Height: 80mm
Width: 46mm

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