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Standard Collar (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description The standard collar from Howling Dog Alaska is fully adjustable and durable. It is...
£10.99 GBP
Padded Semi Slip Collar (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description This is a heavy-duty semi-choke / semi-slip style collar, an upgrade from Howling Dog's older, lighter weight Padded Collar. The...
£12.95 GBP
Trekking Belt (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description This sturdy belt is a must for dog trekking (hiking) or walking your dog...
£41.95 GBP
Canicross Kit - Distance (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description All you need to get you out running with your dog.  Harness This multi-use harness...
£79.95 GBP £71.95 GBP
Tough Skin Ultra Dog Harness
Description The Tough Skin Harness ULTRA is a stronger and more rugged version of the...
£29.95 GBP £21.95 GBP
Limited Edition Harness 2020 (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description LAST FEW REMAINING! Howling Dog Alaska are bringing you an eye-catching, limited-edition harness in...
£37.50 GBP £22.00 GBP
Bikejoring Kit (Howling Dog)
Description **SPECIAL OFFER ** A Full set with everything you need to get started Bikejoring....
£101.85 GBP £90.00 GBP
DURACOAT® (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description Exceptional coat for the value!The DuraCoat® is a medium weight dog coat. The coat is constructed...
£34.95 GBP £30.00 GBP
Limited Edition Harness 2021 (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description Howling Dog Alaska are bringing you a new eye-catching, limited-edition harness in BABY BLUE colour for...
£36.95 GBP £22.00 GBP
Swedish Snap
Description This is the most sought after snap amongst mushers - used in dog yards,...
£5.50 GBP
Walking Package (Howling Dog)
Description We've put together this package for a comfortable hands free walking kit by Howling Dog...
Sold Out
Padded Lead (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description This is a lightweight yet durable leash! The Leash with Padded Handle is four...
£12.95 GBP