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Poop Porter for Used Poo bags (Long Paws)
Description If I had to pick a favourite product, this may just be it. I...
Pet Water Bottles (Long Paws)
Description A Dog Water Bottle that Releases Water as Your Dog Licks The stainless steel...
Tick Remover (Long Paws)
Description A tick remover that fits inconspicuously on your keychain. TickPick is a simple, easy to...
Anti Shock Extender (Long Paws)
Description An anti-shock bungee extension designed to ease the strains from pulling dogs. STRONG &...
Comfort Rope Slip Lead (Long Paws)
Description A PADDED SOFT ROPE SLIP LEAD! The Long Paws Comfort Slip Lead is a...
Reflective Neon Rope Lead (Long Paws)
Description The Urban Trek Reflective Neon Rope Lead is a hi-viz leash with 3M Scotchlite...