Neckline (Nordkyn)

Neckline (Nordkyn)

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Manufactured by Nordkyn from polyethylene hollow braid rope, this neckline features Italian Bronze snaps at each end to ensure it is one of the highest quality necklines on the market. Approximately eight inches long, it is used to connect lead dogs together by clipping it between their collars.

All Nordkyn ganglines are made of hollow braid polyethylene, tougher and more flexible than polypropylene. They behave better in extreme cold, stretch less, and are more abrasion resistant. Heavy duty 3/4" bronze snaps come on all tugs, with lighter 1/2" snaps on necklines. All snaps are easily replaced on the trail. Center, shock, and snublines are 3/8" ; tuglines and necklines are 1/4".

Necklines are also useful for running or walking two dogs by keeping them together. It reduces the risk of tangles and helps them to match pace when going along. However please note it is important to let dogs match pace when running together as a much quicker dog can 'neckline' a slower dog, often causing the slower dog to be reluctant to run and make the experience uncomfortable. This can be reduced by adding extra resistance to the dog team by applying brakes and slowing down to a pace which is comfortable for the slowest dog.

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