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Bungee Leash (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description 2m & 2.8m Now available in Blue!!!   Originally developed for professional race use in...
£42.95 GBP
Move Leash (Non-Stop Dogwear)
DESCRIPTION A soft and comfortable, yet solid dog leash developed for an active lifestyle. The...
£24.95 GBP
Touring Bungee Leash (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description NEW COLOUR - Teal Now available! The Touring Bungee leash is excellent for hiking....
£24.95 GBP
Rock Lead - BLUE (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description ****LAST STOCK, ONLY BLUE AVAILABLE***** We were looking for a real all-rounder and discovered...
£17.50 GBP £8.50 GBP
Touring Bungee Adjustable (Non Stop Dogwear)
Description Multifunctional leash with smart solutions that make the everyday life easier and can fit...
£59.95 GBP
Rock Collar 3.0 (Non Stop Dogwear)
Description A technical collar made for active dogs who exercise in all weather conditions. The...
£24.95 GBP
Rock Adjustable Collar (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description Dogs need exercise in all weather conditions, all year round. That inspired Non-Stop Dogwear to...
£28.95 GBP
Touring Bungee Double (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description The Touring double is compatible with all of the Non-Stop Dogwear leashes and bungees, transforming them...
£22.95 GBP
Rock Leash (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description  The Non-stop dogwear Rock leash is a rope leash with a handle. The leash...
£34.95 GBP