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Jet Stream Cooling Vest (Ruffwear)
Description The Ruffwear Jet Stream efficiently cools dogs during light and fast, high-intensity adventures through...
Climate Changer™ Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description The Climate Changer Fleece from Ruffwear is a very versatile and cozy fleece jacket...
£64.95 £55.20
Climate Changer™ Pullover (Ruffwear)
Description Whether the trail ahead is covered in freshly fallen leaves or a fine layer...
£64.95 £49.95
Overcoat Fuse™ Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description The Overcoat Fuse distills years of designing harnesses and apparel into a single jacket-harness...
£94.95 £85.45
Fernie™ Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description The Fernie is a technical sweater for dogs, designed for everyday adventures from the...
Brush Guard (Ruffwear)
Description The Ruffwear Brush Guard offers three distinct features - Protection, Support and Stabalization. The...
£31.95 £28.75
Cloud Chaser Soft Shell Dog Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description With this jacket your dog will be transformed into an all-weather adventurer! This soft...
Sun Shower™ Rain Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description The Sun Shower™ is a lightweight waterproof raincoat that keeps dogs comfortable and dry...
Track Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description Intended Use - Camping - Hiking - Running - Walking …to provide ultimate visibility...
Vert™ Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description The Ruffwear Vert™ is a waterproof, windproof, breathable dog coat designed for winter conditions. Inspired...
Quinzee Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description Intended Use: Provides weather resistant warmth for your dog in between activities in extreme...