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Float Coat (Ruffwear)
Description **Special Offer for Black Friday** Provide safety for your water-loving canine companion, and peace...
£104.95 £80.00
Climate Changer™ Jacket 2019 (Ruffwear)
Description **Discontinued*** colours limited availability The Climate Changer Fleece from Ruffwear is a very versatile...
£74.95 £47.50
Sun Shower™ Rain Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description Rain jacket with non-insulated waterproof fabric ideal for use in warm climates. Can be...
£79.95 £65.00
Lumenglow High-Vis Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description The Lumenglow High-Vis Jacket boosts visibility of your dog in both daytime and low-light...
£59.95 £54.95
Dirtbag Dog Towel (Ruffwear)
Description The post-adventure, absorbent coat for shielding your car or home from the remnants of...
£109.95 £87.95
Climate Changer™ Pullover (Ruffwear)
Description Discontinued product limited availablity Whether the trail ahead is covered in freshly fallen leaves...
£74.95 £45.00
Undercoat Water Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description Amphibious jacket for keeping dogs warm – great for extending water adventures into colder...
£89.95 £69.95
Cloud Chaser Soft Shell Dog Jacket (Ruffwear)
Description With this jacket your dog will be transformed into an all-weather adventurer! This soft...
£109.95 £94.95
Brush Guard (Ruffwear)
Description The Ruffwear Brush Guard offers three distinct features - Protection, Support and Stabalization. The...
£36.95 £33.95
Powder Hound™ Jacket - Ruffwear
Description Weather-resistant insulated jacket ideal for cold-weather activities. Features a recycled polyester insulated back and...