Field & Trial Digestive and Dental Treats (Skinner's)

Field & Trial Digestive and Dental Treats (Skinner's)

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Our Dental & Digestive Treats for dogs are made with all-natural ingredients, including mint, charcoal and chicory, for healthy teeth and digestion.

Our new treat packaging is 100% recyclable, plastic free & compostable. Simply recycle with your paper waste once your dog has enjoyed all the delicious treats!

Give while training or between meals, and make sure treats don’t count for more than 10% of your dog’s daily food allowance. Always be sure your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink.

Always supervise a dog when eating.

Ingredients & Additives

Q.Which types of dog are these treats suitable for?

  • Dogs requiring support for their digestive and dental health.
  • For dogs and puppies from 2 months of age.

Q.Why should you choose Dental & Digestive Treats for your dog?

  • A complimentry treat to be fed alongside a complete and balanced diet.
  • Made with peppermint oil for a fresher aroma.
  • Our recipe uses yucca extract and chicory to support digestive health.
  • The crunch of the treats may provide natural abrasion on the tooth surface and may help to support dental health.

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