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Vom Hundemat

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VOM is a series of Norwegian produced raw dog food. One of our main fundamental values is to use only Norwegian raw materials from approved and controlled abattoirs for human food production. Norway has strict regulations with respect to animal health and welfare, and our livestock is therefore healthier and carry little disease compared to other countries. That ensures a safe process and secure products for you as a consumer.

VOM is developed in cooperation with nutrition experts from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Despite that, our recipes were found in nature and not in the laboratory. It resulted in us forming a series of natural raw dog food based on chicken, offal from cattle and pigs, beef tripe, salmon, duck, turkey and lamb. None of the raw materials we use are imported from other countries.

We offer two of the VOM ranges:

VOM ACTIVE is your first choice if you want to give your dog a complete dog food mix. This series consists of three products considered to be a complete diet for normal, healthy and fully-grown dogs with moderate to high levels of activity. VOM-Active can also be used as supplementary food mixed with other types of wet food or dry food.

VOM TASTE is a series of products made from either one specific animal or one type of offal. The products are well suited to be used as supplementary food, as variety or as an ingredient in your own raw dog food. All of the products in this series include vitamin and mineral premix and can be used as complete dog food in periods, for example in an elimination diet to investigate allergies. The series include 5 products: 100% Chicken, 100% Lamb, 100% Beef, 100% Beef tripe and 100% Duck.

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