Terms and Conditions for all Promotions

Facebook Cover Star

- You may submit as many photos as you like.

- To enter you must comment on our status with your picture and names of those present in the picture for example yourself and your dog’s names.

- Your picture must show your dog and be in correlation with the theme set. Everything else is left to your imagination! (please note if the picture entered is found to not be in accordance with the theme set, the entry will be discounted)

- Photos may be uploaded and entered any time up to 9:00pm on the closing date . This will always be a time and date in the UK. Entries made after the deadline will unfortunately not be entered into the competition no matter how great the picture.

- Entrants must own the photo entered or have permission from the owner and must not use copyrighted or unoriginal images.

- Participants may not request a cash alternative or alternate prize.

- The decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

- Entries will be accepted worldwide but only via Facebook.

- Snowpaw Ltd will not be liable for any damage, loss or disappointment suffered by any person taking part or not being able to take part in a competition.

- By entering this competition, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Facebook of all responsibility and agree to Facebook’s Terms of Use.


Snowpaw Testers

Write a review for us on selected products and receive 50% off the initial purchase price and then a refund of 25% of the original price after we receive your review.

The review must be submitted to Snowpaw within 3 weeks of purchase. If we do not receive the review within this time scale you will not receive the 25% refund of the original product price.

In applying to become a Snowpaw Tester you fully understand and agree to purchasing the product subject to testing at 50% of its original purchase price. Then, after submitting the review within the allocated timescale you will then receive the further 25% of the products original price.

The decision of the selected product for testing is final and no discussion shall be entered into.

There will be no exchange of other products in place of the discount of 50% or the subsequent refund of 25% of the products original purchase price.

If you decide to no longer be a Snowpaw Tester prior to the product being sent out there will be not cost incurred on you.

If you decide to be a tester after receiving the product to be tester, you are able to return the product to our offices and receive a refund on your purchase so long as the product is unopened and unused. You will be liable for the costs of the return postage.

If you decide to no longer be a tester after receiving and using the product you will be liable for the full cost of the product.

The review must meet a satisfactory standard, be of sound English and must follow the guidelines provided.  

The review should be between 300 - 500 words long and must be written in English. If the review is below the minimum limit of 300 words or above the maximum limit of 500 words your review will not be guaranteed to be accepted.

Both positive and negative reviews are encouraged, however should you submit a negative review and are dissatisfied with your product we will not be able to provide you with a refund as this purchase was made under a product testing basis.

By submitting your review you give Snowpaw permission to use your review and its content in all future promotional material and you give Snowpaw permission to place this review in the public eye with your name included in the material.

When submitting your product review, you take full responsibility for the content within the review and confirm the content is your own or you have permission from the owner. We strictly prohibit the use of copyrighted or unoriginal content.  

By applying to be Snowpaw Tester you agree to all terms and conditions, confirm you are 16+ years old, release Facebook of all responsibility and agree to Facebook’s Terms of Use.