6" Mega Ball (Hem & Boo)

6" Mega Ball (Hem & Boo)

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Non Toxic Natural Rubber
* Just Huge Amounts of Fun for Everyone!

Does your dog love the classic game of chasing and fetching the ball? If yes, then this 6 Inch Mega Tennis Ball is perfect to engage your canine buddy in a high-energy exercise. Playing with the tennis balls help to boost adrenaline levels and release cortisol, a powerful stress-hormone that controls emotions, moods, and fears. These tennis balls are also considered as amazing pet toys and made from natural rubber that offers a firm grip, allowing them to chew on it without harming the teeth. An excellent playtime tool, these are often used to train the dogs by mixing different games. For instance, tug of war, hide and seek, search game and more. The mega tennis ball comes with 6 inch diameter that allows a firm grip without any fail. An easy-to-use, hassle-free toy that can be carried on your vacations, this dog chew toy is a versatile tool to boost their immunity and stamina through interactive play. However, make sure that before playing backyard games, you should set some ground rules like teaching different commands such as leave, stop, fetch, and find, etc. and reinforce them from time to time. This will help create interest in them, and they will wait for their play time eagerly. Product Benefits
  • Ideal for active playtime, both indoor & outdoor
  • Perfect workout equipment for large sized dogs to boost their stamina & strength
  • Easy-to-use & maintain; they are made to withstand harsh usage

Size 6" / 15cm Assorted Colours

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