Hiking Kit (Non-Stop Dogwear)

Hiking Kit (Non-Stop Dogwear)

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A lightweight hiking kit for the adventurers, with everything you need to get out on the hill with your dog.


The Non-stop dogwear Rock harness long is a versatile harness designed for power transfer when pulling. This makes the harness suitable for daily walks and trekking as well as obstacle racing or biking.

Non-stop dogwear used their experience from dog powered sports to make a harness that also aids with pulling. The support strap at the base of the harness distributes the pressure evenly at top and bottom for optimized power transfer.

The Non-stop dogwear Rock harness long is equipped with a solid handle. Your dog’s weight is distributed evenly over the entire belly panel.

In addition to the standard leash connection point at your dog’s back, there is a no-pull attachment point in front of the harness.

The Rock harness long is made with Non-stop dogwear’s unique three-layer material combination, HexiVent, offering excellent breathability and comfort.

The harness is highly adjustable for optimum fit, and easy to take on and off thanks to the side release buckles.


    Touring Bungee 2m in Grey - The bungee part on the leash is mounted close to the human to avoid a rocking effect. The rest is static, handy if you need to take firm control over your dog. A line of reflective material provides high visibility in the dark.

    Line Length Neutral = 1.29m

    Line Length Stretched = 2m


    The Non-stop dogwear Trail light belt is a belt pack to store everything you need when trail running with your dog. This belt can be used with or without your dog attached.

    The Trail light belt is equipped with five pockets to fit everything you need for yourself and your dog. The main pocket offers 3 litres of storage. Inside there is a mesh pocket for your phone. There is also a bungee to attach keys. On the outside there is a bungee to dry light equipment. Adjustable webbing straps ensure that your gear is secured. There is also an outlet for a hydration reservoir tube.

    There are also two expandable pockets that hold up to two 500ml water bottles. These can be tucked away when not in use and have a drainage hole at the bottom. Two pockets toward the front for easy access to smaller items.

    The belt can be used with or without your dog attached as the leash strap in front is removable. Your dog’s leash is attached to a secure screw-lock carabiner that follows your dog’s movements.

    The Non-stop dogwear Trail light belt is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The highly breathable material combination, HexiVent, ensures excellent airflow. Leg straps also help keep the belt in place when running. These straps are also removable.






    Size XS S M L XL
    Neck opening, minimum - 32 cm 40 cm 50 cm 51 cm
    Neck opening, maximum - 41 cm 54 cm 63 cm 71 cm
    Chest circumference, minimum - 44 cm 54 cm 49 cm 68 cm
    Chest circumference, maximum - 66 cm 87 cm 97 cm 128 cm
    Weight 168 g 240 g 325 g 409 g 451 g

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