Patterned Martingale Collar (Lupine)

Patterned Martingale Collar (Lupine)

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Lupine Combo Dog Collars – also known as Martingale collars, just slip over your dog's head. They tighten slightly when on the lead to stop the dog backing out of the collar.

Great for agility and for dogs with long coat as the collar hangs loose and does not cut into the ruff. They are made from quality woven nylon, with welded D-rings and made to the highest standard of workmanship.

These dog collars are available in a wide range of great patterns and in two sizes.

A Combo Collar, sometimes referred to as a martingale collar is a dual-action collar for walking and training and the only design for greyhounds and similar dogs that back out of regular collars. The Lupine Combo Collar differs from other Martingale-style collars because it is made with an additional sewn-in D-ring so it can be used either as a limited-slip choker or as a regular flat collar.Offered in 3/4" and 1" patterns, these collars have no buckle and need to fit over the widest aspect of the dog’s head.


15" - 22"
19" - 27"


Matching Leads available here

Lupine 'Even-If-Chewed'® Guarantee

Don't get us wrong, no collar is a match for a determined set of canine teeth - that's why Lupine created the 'even-if-chewed' guarantee. Should anything happen to accidentally damage your Lupine product – including it being chewed – Lupine will replace the product without fuss. Just get in touch; you will need to send the product back to us and we will send you a new one. We aim to replace your product with exactly the same size and pattern, so please don't ask us to replace it with anything else. However, occasionally a pattern may be discontinued, in which case we will replace your product with a newer pattern.


Measuring Guide

Please measure around your dog’s neck where the collar sits.

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