Lupine ECO Collars

Lupine ECO Collars

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Unique 2-tone weave is soft yet strong and made from recycled plastic bottles. 8 designer colours, in both warm and cool palettes inspired by the natural world.

Lupine 'Even-If-Chewed'® Guarantee

Don't get us wrong, no collar is a match for a determined set of canine teeth, so we're not saying our collars, harnesses and leads are indestructible. So we know chewing can happen, particularly with puppies or in multi-dog households. That's why Lupine created the 'even-if-chewed' guarantee. Should anything happen to accidentally damage your Lupine product – including it being chewed – we will replace the product without fuss. 

Available in - Tropical Sea (Teal), Lilac, Granite, Moss, Berry (Red), Mountain Lake (Blue)
Available in 3 collar widths.
Collar Width Collar Length
1/2" 8-12"
1/2" 10-16"
3/4" 9-14"
3/4" 13-22"
1" 12-20"
1" 16-28"

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