***NEW*** Front Range™ Short Lead (RuffWear)

***NEW*** Front Range™ Short Lead (RuffWear)

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A short leash option for the dog and human needing to stick close together in crowded areas or for quick on/off leash transitions. Features the lockable Crux Clip™ for a secure connection.
  Matching Harness and Collar.   Length: 5 ft (1.5 m)
Width: 3/4 in (19 mm)
Please note although we do hold this product in stock it is available to purchase when out of stock so we cannot guarantee same day dispatch. 


  • • 15 in (38 cm) length traffic leash for sticking close in crowded areas or quick transitions between on/off leash
  • • Swiveling, lockable Crux Clip™️ is lightweight, strong, and low-profile
  • • Tubelok™️ Webbing is colorfast and long-wearing
  • • Comfortable lightly-padded handle with elastic keeper strap for easy stowing when off leash
  • Webbing now includes recycled content for a reduced impact on the planet.

• Hand wash

• Mild detergent

• Air dry

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