KlickFix Antenna - Bike/Scooter Attachment (Non-Stop Dogwear)

KlickFix Antenna - Bike/Scooter Attachment (Non-Stop Dogwear)

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The Non-Stop Dogwear KlickFix Antenna is made from lightweight aluminium with a rubber flex attachment at the base plate and also comes with a ‘KLICKfix’ adapter which attaches to the handle bars. The Bikejor Arm can be removed leaving the adapter in place and can be easily attached or removed from the adapter to provide a more convenient experience.

The Bikejor Arm has a flexible attachment to the base plate that provides a 180 degree range of motion with a strong and durable metal Arm to hold your Bikejor Line in place when out with your dog.

The Non-Stop Dogwear Bikejor Arm provides a smooth experience preventing sudden jolts from your dogs change in direction and prevents scratching to your bikes or scooters frame through the attachment of the adapter to the handle bars.

'KLICKfix' adapter and Bikejor Arm included. Only available in silver.

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