Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Ointment

Non-Stop Dogwear Paw Ointment

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The Paw Ointment produced by Non-stop Dogwear contains only natural ingredients.

The ointment heals dry paws or broken skin ensuring comfort for the dog during activity. The ointment should be applied to dry paws before and after activity.

Paw Ointment can also be used as a preventive measure. It is further recommended to use the ointment on dogs that frequently walk on roads subjected to salting during the winter months. The ointment may also be applied between the ready points on the paws of dogs who are bothered by snow and ice on their paws, this results in the snow being repelled.

The ointment is unique in the way that it breathes and lets moisture escape – this is important because dog’s paws perspire.

Weight: 50ml

Ingredients: Bassica napus, cocos nucifera, olea europea, cera flava, helianthus annus, lactoferrin, calendula officinalis, rosmarinus officinalis, chamaemelum nobile, arnica montana, přírodní limonen, přírodní lanalool

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