Padded Collar from ManMat - Limited Edition Colours

Padded Collar from ManMat - Limited Edition Colours

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Made out of 30 mm wide webbing, this is a 30mm wide D-ring, semi-choke style dog collar with TEBOX padding.

Great for shorthaired dogs and dogs with chronic collar rub.

The use of this collar minimizes the occurrence of frost bite on ears of chained up dogs (especially hound crosses) by bringing the snap and the chain further away from the dog's head.

Limited Edition Colours available: Alpine Blue with Black webbing, Reflective Orange with Black webbing, Alpine Blue with Silver webbing, Reflective Orange with Silver webbing and Green with Silver webbing. Matching dog leads and harnesses also available

The size is taken at the collar's tightest point:

Small: 33cm / 13"

Medium: 37cm / 14.5"

Large: 42cm / 16.5"

X-Large: 47cm / 18.5"

XX-Large: 52cm / 20.5"

XXXL-Large: 57cm / 22.5"

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