Pet ID Tag Gift Card (Red Dingo)

Looking for a gift for a four legged family member? The Pet ID Gift Card from Red Dingo is a great option, a credit card style gift card with a unique code and instructions on how to redeem. Your recipient can log in and choose the tag and colour they wish then enter exactly what they want on the Tag.  

Red Dingo Dog ID Tags set the standard for pet identity tags. Red Dingo dog tags are a high-quality tag which is engraved by Red Dingo themselves to ensure a deep cut that lasts a lifetime. Whether you are looking for an enamel pet ID tag, stainless steel or something else there is a design and colour for everyone and even a Red Dingo Swarovski dog tag for the posh pooch!

Personalised Free Engraving

All tags can be engraved with personalisation of your choice (see guide below), they are engraved on site by Red Dingo in Switzerland.

Stainless Steel

All the products are strength and safety tested to the highest quality standard in manufacturing terms and do not rust, break or corrode.

Manufactured from hard-wearing stainless steel and enamel they don't rust, break or corrode.

What size are they?

Available in three sizes:

20mm (Small) tags can have a maximum of three lines of text containing 8 characters per line.

30mm (Medium) tags can have a maximum of three lines of text containing 12 characters per line.

38mm (Large) tags can have a maximum of four lines of text containing 15 characters per line.

When will the tag arrive?

Once you have received your gift card and placed the order through the Tag Express Site the tag will take 6-10 working days to arrive once dispatched unless during exceptionally busy times when it may be longer. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Red Dingo's goal is to produce high quality products that will outlast all of your pet's adventures. Strict quality control measures require every product to be thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory and all products are guaranteed to be free from material and manufacturing faults for the life of every product.

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