Skijor Starter Kit (Non-Stop Dogwear)

Skijor Starter Kit (Non-Stop Dogwear)

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This kit gives you everything you need to get out in the snow with your four legged friend. 

Loype Belt

This belt was developed with close cooperation with some of the World's best athletes within sleddog sports. With their input we made sure that the belt helps to maintain a good skiing technique while skijoring with a dog that is pulling.

The belts shape concentrates the pull force around the hips to save the lower back, while also providing the hips free movement for skating. The bungee leash is attached close to the body on a fixed point; this is to have smoother contact with the dog, and to make it easier to maintain balance when skiing.

Size S M
Circumference around hips 68-100 cm 81-120 cm

For more info on the belt click the link above

2.8m Bungee Leash

Originally developed for professional race use in skijoring and Canicross, and it is an excellent tool for any active dog owner. Bungee Leash reduces strain on both you and your dog. The unrivalled quality on this bungee is why you see it on most athletes within Canicross, skijoring, and Bikejoring. The core is woven out of high strength rubber, protected by a durable polyester layer. Bungee Leash comes with Non-stop Dogwears Twistlock carabiner, which is the best option available. The carabiner locks itself so that you can be confident that your dog does not get lose. The carabiner rotates on a swivel, so the leash does not spin up.

The 2.8 meter length on this line keeps your dog at a safe distance from the skis.

For more info on this line click on the link above.

Freemotion Harness

The Freemotion Harness from Non-Stop Dogwear is perfect for all kinds of canine activities that involve pulling. The dog harness has been subject to extensive testing by dog drivers and has been field tested in competition up to an international standard. Many world class dog mushers choose this harness over many alternatives and have won several World Championship medals.

For more info on this harness click on the link above.



Max Neck Opening

(in cm)

Neck Circumference

(in cm)

Suggested Weight

Suggested Breed

2 Aqua 31cm  26cm - 31 cm 7kg - 10kg




28cm – 33cm

10kg - 14kg

Parson Russel Terrier




33cm – 36cm

14kg – 20kg

English Cocker Spaniel




36cm – 40cm

20kg – 26kg

Border Collie




40cm – 44cm

25kg – 30kg

Hungarian Vizsla




44cm – 48cm

28kg – 35kg

German Shorthaired Pointer




48cm – 52cm

35kg +

German Shepherd




52cm – 56cm

40kg +

Alaskan Malamute

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