Gary Rolfe Signed Greeting Cards

Gary Rolfe Signed Greeting Cards

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These wonderful Greetings Cards are made and signed by Gary Rolfe, Arctic Explorer.

A choice of 6 designs:

Coming Home - a mushers view of the dogs running down the slope to Gary's home in Greenland's Ittoqqortoormiit.

Girly - Girly is the only female in the pack of 18.

Harnessing - Outside Gary's home in Greenland's Ittoqqortoormiit, the dogs get ready for another expedition. They get very excited about putting on their dog harnesses.

Loads - Loads is one of Gary's lead dogs and runs up front as lead dog with Vital.

Mikkey - is a Greenland Dog and is trained and conditioned to carry his own pack. He’s capable of carrying a third of his own body weight.

Rest Stop - Gary's pack taking a break at Kap Hodgson, Greenland. His team is led by Loads and Vital.

Each Card is a 6” x 4” glossy photo on 7” x 5” cream card signed by Gary Rolfe.

Dedicated and highly motivated, Gary is driven by his pure passion and love of adventure with his dogs. 25,000 purebred Greenland dogs live above Greenland's Arctic Circle. Gary has 18. Why not find out more about Gary Rolfe, Arctic Explorer, and his expeditions on our sponsorships page.

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