Snub Line - 30ft

Snub Line - 30ft

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All Nordkyn ganglines are made of hollow braid polyethylene, tougher and more flexible than polypropylene. They behave better in extreme cold, stretch less, and are more abrasion resistant. Heavy duty 3/4" bronze snaps come on all tugs, with lighter 1/2" snaps on necklines. All snaps are easily replaced on the trail. Center, shock, and snublines are 3/8" ; tuglines and necklines are 1/4".

Available in Red/Black, Blue/Black or Black.

Snub Lines are used by mushers to secure a dog team to an inanimate object on the trail such as a tree. They are usually hooked up to the sled, rig or scooter and when required, released and wrapped around the tree with the panic snap in reach of the musher for release when ready.

The other end of the snub is usually attached to the gangline directly so that the pressure from the dogs pulling is not transmitted through the vehicle. Extremely handy for quick breaks or to sort out tangles while on the trail.

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