Comfort Trek Belt (i-Dog)

Comfort Trek Belt (i-Dog)

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Replacing the 2020 traction belt the Comfort Trek belt from the Comfort Trek range is designed for sporting activities such as hiking or traditional walks. This belt is equipped with removable straps and a wide back support, allowing an adequate traction point at the buttocks. In this way, pressure on the lumbar vertebrae is reduced and the runner's traction is optimised. Two removable straps are provided to keep the harness level with the buttocks, optimising the centre of gravity. A carabiner is placed in a floating way on this strap for a better tracking of the dog's trajectory during his run. Finally, the harness has a pocket to put a water bottle and two side pockets for items such as a smartphone or keys.
The Comfort TREK belt will be the perfect partner for your outings in the city as well as for your hikes in the mountains or in the countryside.

General Characteristics: 

  • Polyester outer fabric
  • Mesh inner coat
  • Side pockets with zippers
  • Pocket for a water bottle (provided with the hip belt)
  • Reflective edging 
  • Adjustable crotch straps with neoprene inserts
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Ajustable traction strap 
  • Removable strip
  • Light carabiner 
  • Clean with soapy water.
  • One size
  • Weight approx 470g
  • REFLECTIVE EDGING - The COMFORT TREK hip belt has got a reflective edging to make it visible at night.
  • ADJUSTABLE CROTCH STRAPS - Two removable and adjustable straps to maintain the hip belt at the level to keep the hip belt level of the buttocks, optimising the centre of gravity. They are adjustable according the shape of the runner and elastic. They have a neoprene insert for a maximal comfort during the traction.
  • ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC TRACTION STRAP - The COMFORT TREK hip belt has an elastic traction strap. This provides cushioning when a leash  is attached to it. These straps are adjustable according to the runner's morphology.
  • ADJUSTABLE WAIST STRAPS - The COMFORT TREK hip belt is equipped with an adjustable waist strap, so the hip belt adapts to the runner's morphology.
  • POLYESTER FABRIC - The COMFORT TREK waist belt is equipped with an outer fabric of ultra-resistant Polyester, lined with Mesh type foam, eliminating the effects of perspiration.
  • LATERAL POCKETS - Pocket for water bottle as well as two further zipper pockets for mobile phone, key ring etc. iDog bottle included !
  • MAINTENANCE RECOMMENDATION - The COMFORT TREK hip belt can be washed by hand with soap and water. It is not advise to wash it in the washing machine.

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