Xtreme Tape Lead (Flexi)

Xtreme Tape Lead (Flexi)

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The Flexi Xtreme Tape Leash has been designed for everyone who loves extreme outdoor activities, so if you are looking for a durable retractable leash, then the flexi Xtreme Tape lead is definitely worth being considered. Combined with rigid quality, shock-absorbing elements and an extremely robust belt,  this Flexi Xtreme Tape Leash is the perfect retractable lead for challenging situations or for all extreme loads. The flexi Xtreme offers even more security with the X11 tape and even more comfort on all adventures thanks to the integrated damping belt.

Securely fastening to any harness or collar via chromed snap hooks, this retractable tape lead is available in three sizes and features a comfortable braking system allowing stops in a fraction of a second.  Thanks to its adjustable handle*, the handle can be adjusted to the size of your hands with or without gloves, therefore your canine friend to wander around and explore his surroundings while remaining in control.

*Not available on the Small Version due to the size.


  • Integrated shock absorber absorbs abrupt pulls by the dog
  • With soft grip
  • Reinforced tape [ flexi® X11-Tape ] to withstand intense usage
  • Elastic soft-stop lead element
  • Comfortable braking system
  • Adjustable handle ( except S size)
  • Belt outlet
  • Extendable with flexi Multi Box and LED Lighting System



  •  5 m tape leash for dogs up to max. 20 kg (weight 245g approx.)
  •  5 m tape leash for dogs up to max. 35 kg (weight 340g approx.)
  • L   5 m tape leash for dogs up to max. 65 kg (weight 470g approx.)
  • L   8 m tape leash for dogs up to max. 55 kg (weight 570g approx.)



The optional LED Lighting System improves visibility after dark, while the Multi Box can hold treats or poo bags.

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