Cross Harness (Zero DC)

Cross Harness (Zero DC)

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A new style of X-Back harness from Zero DC to complement the Short and Faster Design: The Cross Harness

A fully padded comfortable dog harness suitable for all pulling activities.

If the dog does not pull in the right direction, the harness has a system that prevents from the harness from rotating and twisting, ensuring a good fit at all times.

Reflective elements are included across the whole harness, so your dog is visible from all directions.



Neck Measurement (cm)

Chest Measurement (cm)

Length Measurement (cm)

XS 28cm - 33cm 50cm - 55cm 34cm - 37cm
SL 29cm - 34cm  55cm - 58cm  38cm - 42cm


32cm – 38cm

58cm – 63cm

38cm – 45cm


36cm – 42cm

60cm – 65cm

40cm – 55cm


38cm – 46cm

65cm – 75cm

45cm – 55cm

X- Large

38cm – 48cm

73cm – 83cm

55cm – 65cm


46cm – 54cm

80cm – 90cm

55cm – 65cm


48cm – 58cm

85cm – 95cm

60cm – 70cm


Measuring Guide

For measuring, please take the following:

We require 3 measurements for the Cross Dog Harness: the Collar, the Chest and the Length.

Neck – Measure all of the way around your dog’s neck (1), where the dog collar usually sits. 

Chest – Measure around the widest part of your dog’s rib cage (2), behind the front legs of your dog.

Length – Measure across the length of your dog’s back (3), from the withers to the base of the tail.

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