Pulka R (Gravity Scooters)

Pulka R (Gravity Scooters)

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The PULKA R for mushing sprint is specially designed for competition: with it you will have
everything to sprint at the highest level without losing your balance and giving up safety and

The PULKA R incorporates the 29”- 26” wheel configuration used in the world mushing sprint championships. In addition to its 6061 aluminum frame and carbon components, which reduce its weight further, this light and stable dog scooter integrates the characteristic elements of any Gravity Scooter: large wooden board, protection plate and free of obstacles frame.

If you compete at the highest level, you deserve the best scooter. Get hold of it and start winning races.

Please note we currently do not hold these in stock here in the UK so please allow an additional 10 working days for shipping when ordering

Technical Features PULKA R

  • FRAME: Aluminum 6061. Tapered head tube for semi integrated headset 44x44 or tapered headsets. Rear dropout width 100mm
  • FORK: Rigid carbon for 29" wheel.
  • BREAKS: SHIMANO Ø 160mm hydraulic disc brakes
  • WHEELS: Front: Ø 29" x 2.25. Rear: Ø 26" x 2.25"
  • HANDLEBAR AND STEM: Carbon Length 800mm
  • GRIPSGrips with double locking washers. With gel type rubber. Very comfortable, they reduce vibrations and have a very pleasant touch.
  • BOARD: Aluminium table with non-slip rubber surface
  • FRAME PROTECTIONS: 2mm Aluminum protection for the bottom of the frame.
  • MUDGUARDS: Small Aluminum mudguard to protect the rear wheel. Aluminum 2mm
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 120kg Max weight



The board of PULKA R is made of aluminium, it is ultralight to reduce the total weight of the scooter by 0.5 Kg. It is narrower to facilitate the kick, to avoid hits at the ankle and helps carry the weight correctly to conserve the inertia and obtain maximum speed.

The aluminum board is covered with non-slip CreamGrip rubber, like on a skateboard, for a better foot grip. This leaves a completely smooth surface for the feet, without pieces of iron that end up hurting the rider´s feet and damaging the soles. 

THE LARGE BOARD allows you to put your body in the surfer’s position, with your feet separate, so you can bend your knees and feel the riding all over your body. You can change your posture, the feet position and kicking, without losing stability. All this, with maximum comfort and safety.

NOVELTY! The new grip tape, the CreamGrip. The CreamGrip is made of “RUBBER”, so it is waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth.


The PULKA R is made of 6061 aluminum

Manufactured with an aluminum alloy to silicon Al 6061 which undergoes heat treatments to increase the resistance properties to the level of the steel. They are manually TIG welded to ensure a perfect union of their parts.


Lightweight but without losing the best of a Gravity: control and good feeling. With a weight of 2.5Kg and the same geometry as the steel frames to have a large surface for the feet.


The protection plate that protects the entire lower part of the scooter.


Having a smooth plate along the entire length of the scooter allows us to lower the height at which our feet go and increase safety, good sensations and facilitates propulsion, without being afraid of getting caught in an obstacle or damaging the scooter.


In the first mountain outings it is normal to worry about the sound of scratching but the rider quickly gets used to it, appreciates going so low and learns to play with the plate.

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