Canicross "Speedy" Belt (Zero DC)

Canicross "Speedy" Belt (Zero DC)

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This canicross belt is made by Zero DC. Connecting around the waist, the wide padding allows the pull from the dog(s) to be spread evenly between your waist and bottom, and the leg straps ensure the belt stays securely in place whilst running.

Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, the belt ensures the runner stays cool, and there is a large pocket at the rear of the belt, complete with reflective strip, perfect to store a mobile phone and keys safely. There is also a small carabiner to the right hand side of the belt which allows items to be clipped to the belt leaving your hands free.

Adjustable for waist size:

Small / Childrens: 45cm - 65cm
Medium: 65cm - 85cm
Large: 75cm – 95m

Available in Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Turquoise or Purple


Adjustable for waist size:


Measurement in inches

Measurement in cms

Small / Child

22” – 24”

55cm – 60cm


24” – 34”

60cm – 85cm


29” – 38”

75cm – 95cm


Measuring Guide

Please measure around your waist.

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