Belt - Fin (ManMat)

Belt - Fin (ManMat)

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This belt was developed together with Finish mushers. Long time they are using for skioring"Finish hook". It is important during European musher races - "The belt shall have an open hook in order to make it easy to release the line, or a quick release connection (panic snap).

The Canicross belt features a unique lowered pulling force design that helps to distribute the pull force to the hips and buttocks, reducing pressure on the runner's spine. The leg loops are adjustable a swell as the connection point for attaching to the dog to allow for the correct centre of gravity alignment.

This belt is made from a porous non-absorbing lightweight material, adjustable to virtually any waist and leg size. The double back buckle means there are no weak points.

This belt offers fantastic value for money whether you are a regular Canicross runner or just occasionally go running with your dog.

Available in Black with Blue or Red Webbing.

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