Distance Harness (Howling Dog Alaska) - PINK ONLY

Distance Harness (Howling Dog Alaska) - PINK ONLY

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The new and improved Distance Harness by Howling Dog Alaska is the best it's ever been! With new and improved webbing and extra padding the harness is now thicker and a more flexible material which allows the harness to rotate freely around the dogs body.

The harness reaches 1/3 down the dogs body which eliminates the pressure on the dogs hips, maximising your dogs comfort.



Measurement in inches

Measurement in cms


14” – 16”

36cm – 41cm


17” – 18”

43cm – 46cm


18” – 20”

46cm – 51cm


20” – 22”

51cm – 56cm


22” – 24”

56cm – 61cm

X- Large

24” – 26”

61cm – 66cm


26” – 28”

66cm – 71cm


28” – 30”

71cm – 76cm


Measuring Guide

We require only one measurement for this Harness: the Neck.

Neck - Measure from just ahead of the withers at the base of the neck to the top of the breastbone, then double this measurement. Work the tape under the fur; pull it snug, but not stretched. Measure the dog, not the fur!

Measure only one side of the dog, and then double the measurement. Wrapping the tape measure all the way around the neck may distort the measurement.

Do not measure where the collar sits, but lower - please see the heavy black line on the above diagram.

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