NEW Line Harness 5.0 (Non-Stop Dogwear)

NEW Line Harness 5.0 (Non-Stop Dogwear)

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It is no coincidence that the Line harness has been one of Non-Stop Dogwear's best-selling dog harnesses throughout the years. Even though this harness was developed for activities like hiking and tracking, it can also be used for canicross, bikejoring and skijoring for dogs that do not pull hard on the leash.

The Line harness 5.0 has several attachment points for your dog’s leash, making this harness very versatile. In addition to the standard attachment point on the back, there is an attachment point for a tracking line under the chest. This allows your dog to move freely without having the line get tangled around its legs. From size 3 and up there is a third attachment point on the front for mild anti-pull control.

The Line harness 5.0 is an upgraded version of our original half harness, with optimized fit for your dog. The Y-shaped neck allows free shoulder movement and minimal breathing constraint.

Line harness 5.0 is adjustable around the chest. After the initial adjustment, it is easy to put the harness on and take it off by opening the solid Duraflex® buckles on each side. Lock the chest straps by simply threading the end of the strap back through the sliplock.

3M™ reflective details make your dog visible from several angles. All seams and edges on the inside of the harness are sewn so that the smooth side faces your dog’s body. The inner lining overlaps without any hard edges to prevent chafing. Our harnesses are made from durable, tightly woven nylon and have closed cell foam padding to prevent water seeping in. The Line harness 5.0 is reinforced with Hypalon on exposed areas.

This dog harness is available in sizes 1-8 (sizes 1-9 in black), to fit both small and big dogs.





Measure the lower part of your dog's neck close to the chest to get the correct size. If your dog is a particularly deep-chested or muscular breed, you may need to go up a size to accommodate this.

Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Collar Size 23-27cm 26- 30cm 28- 32cm 32- 36cm 36- 40cm 40- 47cm 46-51cm 51-57cm 57-63cm
Chest Size 30-42cm 36-54cm 39-62cm 41-68cm 52-78cm 56-87cm 61-92cm 67-102cm 70-112cm
Max Neck opening 30 cm 33 cm 36 cm 40 cm 45 cm 52 cm 57 cm 63 cm 70 cm

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