Second Skin Dog Harness

Second Skin Dog Harness

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The Second Skin Dog Harness is light, breathable and made from a quick drying mesh fabric. Its ultra-modern shape fits a dog’s body like a glove and is very comfortable for the dog to wear. This harness is appropriate for any activity including skijoring, bikejoring, scootering, jogging as well as recreational sledding; where the point of attachment is higher or with the dog’s back. The length of the Second Skin Harness (including the tug loop) is similar in length to that of a regular x-back harness but different to an x-back harness, the Second Skin Harness will relieve pressure off the dog’s hips.

This harness is perfect for shorthaired dogs. No rubbing, guaranteed!

Colors Available: Red with Black edging and Yellow with Black edging.

For proper harness fit measure the dog's neck circumference half way between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. If you are unsure about the correct size, use the weight of your dog or contact us for further help.



Measurement in inches

Measurement in cms

Approx. weight (in kgs)

XX Small 16" 40cm

9kg - 13kg

X Small 17" - 18" 43cm - 46cm

13.5kg - 17.5kg


18.5” – 19”

47cm – 48cm

18kg – 22kg


19.5” – 20”

49.5cm – 51cm

22.5kg – 26.5kg


20.5” – 21”

52cm – 53cm

27kg – 31kg

X- Large

21.5” – 22”

54.5cm – 56cm

31kg – 36kg


22.5” – 23”

57cm – 58.5cm

36kg – 40kg


Measuring Guide

We require only one measurement for this Harness: the Neck.

Neck - Measure from just ahead of the withers at the base of the neck to the top of the breastbone, then double this measurement. Work the tape under the fur; pull it snug, but not stretched. Measure the dog, not the fur!

Measure only one side of the dog, and then double the measurement. Wrapping the tape measure all the way around the neck may distort the measurement.

Do not measure where the collar sits, but lower - please see the heavy black line on the above diagram.


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