Sniff Fetch Ball (Chuck it)

Sniff Fetch Ball (Chuck it)

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Chuckit. Pioneering play for more than 20 years the human animal bond is at the heart of every Chuckit fetch toy. These dynamic pet products aren't just intended to be solo play toys they are as fun for pet parents as they are for pets, getting owners outdoors and inspiring an active healthy lifestyle. Chuckit performance fetch toys are designed to take interaction to the next level through innovation and ergonomic design. So whether a dog likes toys that fly, float, bounce or tumble Chuckit is proud to bring more ways to play.

Be the first to make fetch Happen with Chuckit's very first Sniff Fetch Ball.

Infused with bacon or peanut butter scent, these fetch ball attract your dog to them with their mouth-watering scents, making it easier for your dog to find during games of fetch.

Made from the same durable natural rubber with an extra thick core that Chuckit fans have come to love, this ball is launcher compatible with medium Chuckit Launchers and has a high bounce that keeps dogs engaged in play.

Catch the Scent with Chuckit's Sniff Fetch Ball.

  • Infused with a delicious bacon or peanut butter scent that dogs love;
  • Compatible with medium Chuckit Launchers;
  • Entices your dog's sense of smell during play;
  • Durable natural rubber with an extra thick core.

    Please ensure this toy is suitable for your pet's play preferences, chewing habits and size, remembering that no toy is completely indestructible. Always supervise during play. Regularly check your pet's toys to remove and replace them if damaged, or if parts become detached and could be a choking hazard. Not intended to be used as a chew toy. Balls travelling at high speed can cause injury - do not aim directly at other people or animals. Responsible pet ownership supports pet health and wellbeing - and that's important. This product is not suitable for children.

    With all throwing products ensure your dog is in good health before use. Ensure this product is suitable for your dog's age, size and breed. Warm up your dog's muscles before training. Light running or fetching exercises are ideal. There is a possibility of injury from your dog jumping up to catch balls/frisbees in the air and from repeated high intensity exercise involving twisting and sharp turns. Play sessions should be kept short followed by a rest before repeating the play.

    Approximate Dimensions (Product): 6.35 x 9.525 x 11.557cm
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