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Fun Flex: Cohesive Bandage
Description Fun-Flex is a self adhering easy tear material wrap, which is ideal for securing...
£2.00 GBP
Microfibre Cleaning Towel (Henry Wag)
Description This luxurious microfibre Pet Cleaning and Drying Towel from Henry Wag easily removes dirt...
£9.95 GBP
Tick Remover (Long Paws)
Description A tick remover that fits inconspicuously on your keychain. TickPick is a simple, easy to...
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Microfibre Cleaning Glove Towel (Henry Wag)
Description The Henry Wag Microfibre range allows owners to effectively remove water, mud and dirt...
£8.95 GBP
Microfibre Dog Drying Bag (Henry Wag)
Description The Dog Drying Bag is made from top quality, highly absorbent microfibre material which is really...
£19.95 GBP
Microfibre Pet Noodle Glove Towel (Henry Wag)
Description This luxurious microfibre Noodle Glove Towel from Henry Wag makes cleaning and drying simple...
£19.95 GBP
Car Bench Hammock (Henry Wag)
Description This Pet Hammock provides a safe environment for your dog when travelling in the back to stop...
£31.95 GBP
Run-Lite Belt (Arctic Wolf)
Description Introducing the Run-Lite Belt from Arctic Wolf, new for Winter 2021 This belt has...
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Dirtbag Dog Towel (Ruffwear)
Description The post-adventure, absorbent coat for shielding your car or home from the remnants of...
£109.95 GBP £87.95 GBP
Microfibre Pet Mat (Henry Wag)
Description The Henry Wag Noodle Pet Mat is so versatile, use it as a bed...
£16.95 GBP