Single Sidewalker Attachment (Pawtrekker)

Single Sidewalker Attachment (Pawtrekker)

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Sidewalker attachment comes with, Single Dog Sidewalker Attachment System, Sidewalker Harness, and Sidewalker Carabiners.

This System is designed to fit our Pawtrekker Classic Scooter or Pawtrekker Full Suspension Scooter only.

Adjust the u-bar up or down, to suit your dogs height and wider or narrower to suit your dogs width, and clip them between the bars with the carabiners.

You can then scoot along with your dog at walking, trotting or running pace knowing they are getting great exercise!

The U-bar fits on either side of the scooter to suit your preferred kicking leg and the position of the bar and the harness design prevents your dog from getting caught up in the wheel or from running into the scooter. Wheel covers give extra reassurance. When not in use, the U-bar can be folded back flush with the scooter for easy storage.

The U-bar can be positioned where it is most comfortable for you and your dog.

Any medium or large sized breed of dog can use a sidewalker, no special training is required.


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