Gangline Starter Kit - Single / 1 Dog

Gangline Starter Kit - Single / 1 Dog

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We can supply a ready assembled, flexible gangline system to allow you to run 1 dog.

All sections are made from hollow braid polyethylene (tougher and more flexible than polypropylene) which behaves better in the cold, stretches less and is more abrasion resistant
Consists of:
1 x Single Lead Tug
1 x Shockline
1 x Carabiner

Remember! - this system is flexible and a one dog line can be changed easily to two dogs by replacing the single lead line with a double lead line. By adding additional gangline sections, this set can be increased to 4 or more dogs.

All Nordkyn ganglines are made of hollow braid polyethylene, tougher and more flexible than polypropylene. They behave better in extreme cold, stretch less, and are more abrasion resistant. Heavy duty 3/4" bronze snaps come on all tugs, with lighter 1/2" snaps on necklines. All snaps are easily replaced on the trail. Center, shock, and snublines are 3/8" ; tuglines and necklines are 1/4".

Tug lines are the term used for the line which connects the sled dog to the main gangline. The tug is often a different colour to the main gangline to help in resolving tangles quickly.

Tuglines need to be long lasting and high wearing to take the constant pounding expected.

A gangline is the assembled lines which connect sled dogs to the sled. These lines consist of a number of component parts including a shock, a gangline section and the tug lines. These lines can also be used for running multiple dogs in a variety of activities including dryland mushing, scootering, bikejoring, skijoring and canicross.

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