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Walking Belt (Nordkyn)
Description This belt has a high quality clip at the front to hold it in...
£32.95 GBP
Canicross “Grizzly” Belt with Detachable Leg Loops (Zero DC)
Description This belt is comfortable and well padded with detachable leg loops, allowing the  choice...
£49.95 GBP
Canicross and Walking Belt (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description This professionally designed, lightweight and very comfortable Canicross, Skijoring & Walking Belt ensures well...
£34.95 GBP
Ferd Belt (Non-Stop Dogwear)
Description Ferd Belt is made for dog owners who spend a lot of time with...
£87.95 GBP
Belt - Fin (ManMat)
Description The Belt Finn belt features a unique lowered pulling force design that helps to distribute...
£39.95 GBP £32.95 GBP
Mushers Belt (ManMat)
Description Mushing belts are commonly used for hands free dog walking or jogging with your...
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Loype Belt (Non Stop Dogwear)
Description This belt was developed with close cooperation with some of the World's best athletes...
£87.95 GBP
Canyon Running Belt (i-Dog)
Description The CANYON waist belt meets the highest demands for lightness and comfort. Its strength...
£67.95 GBP
Trekking Belt (Howling Dog Alaska)
Description This sturdy belt is a must for dog trekking (hiking) or walking your dog...
£41.95 GBP
Race Pro Belt (Manmat)
Description The RACE PRO belt is designed mainly for canicross. The individually adjustable strap system ensures...
£49.95 GBP
Comfort Trek Belt (i-Dog)
Description Replacing the 2020 traction belt the Comfort Trek belt from the Comfort Trek range is designed for...
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Skijoring Kit (Manmat)
Description Manmat Belt and Line Set for Skijoring Ski Belt This belt is made from...
£65.00 GBP