Sheepskin Chaser Tug (Tug-E-Nuff)

Sheepskin Chaser Tug (Tug-E-Nuff)

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Get your dog’s undivided attention with our best-selling chaser toy, designed for unbeatable interactive play. The scent and texture of responsibly-sourced real sheepskin is a sure fire winner with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Chaser toys allow you to mimic prey, so you become the most exciting and enticing thing to your dog, allowing you to power up your training and win your dog’s focus.

Use your chaser toy to bust boredom, burn energy, stop jumping up, distract your dog, and gain focus, and to nail magnificent speedy recalls.

  • Tough and durable with a double webbed extra strong handle
  • Comfortable play - no bending required (thanks to the super long handle)
  • Mimics prey to transform your dog’s focus and recall
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor play
  • Enticing even for dogs with low play drive
  • Unleash hours of interactive play and keep boredom at bay
  • Locally sourced, 100% British sheepskin
  • Handle made from durable cushioned webbing
  • Handle available in a variety of colours
  • Fur available in two colours
  • Made in the UK
  • Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed for interactive play and should only be used with supervision.

This toy measures approximately 112cm (44inches) in total, with a bite area of 26cm (10inches). Due to the organic nature of sheepskin, size and density may vary. 

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