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Cross Harness (Zero DC)
Description A new style of X-Back harness from Zero DC to complement the Short and...
Flexible Bikejoring Arm from Windog
Description Designed by Windog, this lightweight bikejor arm is tough and extremely flexible. Simple and...
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Non-Stop Dogwear Comfort Belt
Description The Comfort Belt from Non-Stop Dogwear provides ultimate comfort and support when on a...
Standard Collar from Howling Dog Alaska - Pink
Description The standard collar from Howling Dog Alaska is fully adjustable and durable. It is...
Distance Harness from Howling Dog Alaska - Pink
Description The new and improved Distance Harness by Howling Dog Alaska is the best it's...
ManMat Canicross and Skijoring Belt with leg loops for Children - Limited Edition Colours
Description The canicross belt features a unique lowered pulling force design that helps to distribute...
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Non-Stop Dogwear Bike/Scooter Attachment
Description The Non-Stop Dogwear Bike/Scooter Attachment is made from lightweight aluminium with a rubber flex...
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Non-Stop Dog Wear Amundsen Dog Backpack (XL)
Description The Amundsen pack is an ergonomically advanced backpack for dogs. Due to its exceptional...
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Non-Stop Dogwear Running Line
Description The Running Line from Non-Stop Dogwear is available in 3 lengths; approximately 2 metres...
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Non-Stop Dogwear Baggy Bag (Poo Bag holder)
Description Simply attach this discrete poo bag holder using the small hook to ensure “doggie-bags”...
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Non-Stop Dogwear Trekking Belt
Description The Trekking Belt from Non-Stop Dogwear is a traditional belt that sits on the...
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Non-Stop Dogwear Half Harness
Description The Half harness from Non-Stop Dogwear has been designed for dog sports such as...
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